Bleeding Kit Instructions


First, BE SAFE.

stop the bleed, but only if you can do so safely

Can you help the bleeding person without getting hurt yourself? If not, get to safety. Take the injured person with you, if you can.

Call 911

As soon as possible, call 9-1-1 or have someone else call. If you are alone, it is more important to STOP THE BLEEDING right now. You can get help after bleeding is controlled.


Key items in your BLEEDING STOPS HERE! kit have labels with large red numbers that match the STEPS in the kit's instructions.

Step One

Apply Pressure

Put on the gloves included in the BLEEDING STOPS HERE! kit

Put on the GLOVES (Kit Item 1)

Have the injured person apply pressure to the wound.

Immediately use the GAUZE (Kit Item 2) or ANY cloth or clothing, to push down on the bleeding site. The injured person may be able to help.

Apply pressure to bleeding site.

Apply firm, steady pressure with both hands. Press hard enough to squeeze the bleeding vessels closed.

Remove clothing from bleeding area using trauma shears

Remove clothing from the bleeding area to clearly see the wound and determine where the blood is coming from. Use the MINI FLASHLIGHT and TRAUMA SHEARS, as needed.

Step Two

Evaluate the Bleeding

Uncontrolled bleeding from an ARM or LEG?

Uncontrolled bleeding from the HEAD, NECK, CHEST, ABDOMEN, SHOULDER, BACK, or GROIN?

Bleeding Controlled?

Step Three

Put On the Tourniquet

Apply the tourniquet to the injured limb

(For arms & legs only) Slip the TOURNIQUET (Kit item 3) around the limb, 2-3 inches above the wound.

Fasten the tourniquet

Pull the strap TIGHTLY against the buckle and fasten it back on itself. Twist the rod until bleeding stops. This will be painful.

Secure the tourniquet and write the time.

Clip the rod into the clasp and secure it with the white strap. Use the SHARPIE MARKER to record the time.

Step Four

Pack the Wound

Pack wound with hemostatic bleeding control strips.

Remove all dressings. Rapidly pack the QUIKCLOT® BLEEDING CONTROL STRIP (Kit item 4) into the wound. Spread the strip to touch all bleeding surfaces and pack the wound. If the wound is large, unroll the used gauze and pack it on top of the QUIKCLOT® to tightly fill the space, as needed.

Step Five

Wrap the Wound

Wrap the truama dressing over th wound

Wrap the Trauma Dressing (Kit item 5) snugly and secure it in place over the compressed gauze. Hold pressure for about 5 minutes.

Step Six

Warm the Injured Person

Cover injured person with reflective blanket

Once bleeding is controlled, cover the person with the REFLECTIVE BLANKET (Kit item 6) to maintain warmth until medical help arrives.